Thursday, 5 May 2011

Message to the examiner

Before Studying AS media I would have had no idea on how to start a blog, use one or even think of making one. Now I feel that I have the expertise and knowledge of the blogging system and have thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating my blog and posting information on there. Being able to publish work and information on the internet is a positive change, and more interesting than typing up a word document and merely handing it into a teacher. Using the blog has improved my IT skills as well as using the different programmes such Scribd, Vimeo and Youtube.
I hope the examiner looking at my Blog enjoys reading my posts and information, and also my film opening project. I have worked hard on my media project and at times have found it stressful and hard work meeting deadlines etc. Despite this I have enjoyed the process of completing my media AS, and hope to continue it onto A2.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoyed making it. J
Hattie Harding

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