Thursday, 11 November 2010

Babysitter Wanted Deconstruction

• The music at the start of the film builds the tension that makes the audience know this is going to be a horror film.
• A close up of what appears to be a females body covered in black pen, drawn on like a rough line of where to cut. Like a plastic surgeons patient.  
• The audience is more aware that it is a close up of a body as the camera pans the women’s body from toe to head.
• A jump cut to a wooden door draws attention to the low angle shot of a man’s feet walking through. The loud creaking of the door makes to scene even more eerie.  
• Not showing the man’s face ads to the mystery of not knowing who the villain in. This creates suspense among the audience.
• The blue tint of the cellar makes the dark room feel cold, which makes it appear scarier.
•The camera jumps to the women’s body again, but this time shows her face. This confirms that it is a woman, who is tied in ropes to a wooden desk.
• The footsteps of the man walking through the cellar makes the scene more creepy and ads to the scare factor.
• Extreme close up of the women’s eye crying, shows how scared she is.
• Close up on the tools covered in blood, signifies that they have been used before to kill something or someone.
• Birds eye view, and medium shot as the camera pans the women’s body. She struggles to get free as she is tied up with ropes, with a piece of cloth in her mouth.
• Close up of women’s face as she is about to be hit on the head with a hammer.
• False sense of mercy that he knocks the girl unconscious before he operates on her. It would be the least amount of pain possible for her.
• Music really fast as the villain is about to kill the women. Music builds a high amount of tension.
• The screen flashes black as all you can hear is the crunch of bone as the villain hits the women on the skull with the hammer. This creates mystery and excitement among the audience.

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