Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lessons from microdrama

Top 10 things I have learned, when filming for my Microdrama

1. How to use a camera, and the equipment involved in filming a movie.
2. How use iMovie.
3. How to cut film clips in iMovie.
4. How to add audio music to my film in iMovie.
5. How to add subtitles to my film.
6. How to add special sound effects to different clips in my film.
7. How to make titles and credits to the start and end of my film.
8. How to shoot different angles when filming e.g. long shot, close up.
9. How to

Top 10 things I can improve on

1. Make sure all actors are speaking loud enough when filming.
2. Account for all natural occurring problems such as rain, wind etc.
3. Try to make the actors take their roles seriously.
4. Make sure the camera is recording before your actors start to perform.
5. Try to film when there are no passers by, so the film will be more believable.
6. Make sure the camera is securely attached to the tripod when filming, to avoiding the camera from falling.
7. If filming without the tripod make sure the camera man is not filming shakily.
8. Add costumes in the film so people are represented well.
9. Make sure all actors know what they are doing before pressing the record button.
10. Add bloopers at the end of the film for a comic effect.

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