Thursday, 13 January 2011

Research into Romantic comedies by the book

Research into Romantic comedies by the book

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), directed by Mike Newell and Richard Curtis. From the book: I love you but…. Written by Cherry Potter.

‘In the film Hugh Grant’s screen persona, Charles, is not at all aggressive or controlling.’
‘Beneath his thick, unruly brown hair, his face is most finely sculpted with large eyes and a refined Roman nose.’

The description from these extracts will reflect my male character similarly. My male character will be tall, with scruffy brown hair and an unkept appearance.

The book focuses on Four Weddings and a Funeral. From the book: Falling in love again. Edited by Stacy Abbott and Deborah Jermyn.

‘The film centres on the coupling of a bumbling, ineffectual British man with a beautiful, successful woman within a upper-middle class background.’

This description of the male and female characters in Four Weddings and a Funeral reflects the main characters of my film. As my working title film is named Classmates. This refers to the aspect that the characters are from different working backgrounds. The female character will be from a middle class background. She is wealthy and has a large and well-kept house. In contrast the male character will be from a working class background. He will be quite short for cash and will live in a reasonably small house, which is messy and untidy. 

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