Monday, 7 February 2011

Deconstruction of film titles

The titles of a specific film reflect what genre the film is, and what material it will contain. For example a slasher horror film would have very sharp lettering, and usually with a dark colour font, to reflect the mystery and intenseness. I am studying romantic comedy films, and in general all of the titles featured in romantic comedies are soft and gentle, with bright colours which reflect the romantic side to the film.

The film Love actually, directed by Richard Curtis has a constant running theme of red, white and black in his titles and specific colours that run throughout the film. Red and white together are obviously signifying love, which is bound to be a constant topic to film seeing as it is a romantic comedy and is called love actually. The font is two different fonts for the separate words 'love' and 'actually'. The font for the word ‘love’ is in bold and has thick lettering. Whilst the word actually is not in bold and has quite thin lettering. The word 'love' is highlighted in red and so stands out with the black font of the word actually. The words together are noticeable to the viewer and the red contrasted to the black and a white background is quite warm and enticing.

Four Weddings and a Funeral, directed by Mike Newell, has a very classy font, colour and images to the film. The font to the opening title that reads 'Four Weddings' is in a very classy and elegant font. This is the kind of font you might see on the front of a wedding directory, as it is swirly and classical, whilst the funeral font is very harsh and rigid. This is the type of font you would associate with a funeral as it is med-evil looking and morbid. The flowers surrounding the title signify on the content of the film with. With four bunches of flowers on the left representing the four weddings. Whilst the small bunch on the right represents the one funeral. The colours involved in the title are a very light blue, light purple and the flowers are white and a pale pink. These are all very calming colours and reflect the elegant and tasteful material the film is bound to contain.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding, directed by Joel Zwick has an unusual font and colour to its title. The lettering and font is different for the words 'My' and 'Wedding' with the font being thin, black and simple. The black stands out against the blue of the sky in the background. The words 'Big, Fat and Greek' words are in a different font and colour. They are in a thicker font with traditional Greek lettering with the two Es in 'Greek' being replaced with the two numerals meaning Sigma. This is very clever as the audience can still read the words and understand they are in Greek style lettering without being confused with what the words says. The wording is in a light purple, which blends in with the sky background but still stands out against the sky and clouds. The actor’s names are also highlighted in a purple font at the top of the front cover.       
My film ClassMates will have a similar theme of creating a font which has a meaning. My Big Fat Greek Wedding using sharp Greek styled lettering to connote the film will be about Greek people. My film Class Mates will have a very classy font for the word 'Class' and will be highlighted in pink to make it appear more girly, whilst the word 'Mates' will be in a scruffy and boring font in blue, to make it appear duller and more masculine. This implies the difference in class between characters in the film but still showing they are both friends in the same class at school.


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