Thursday, 17 March 2011

Evaluation. Question 6.

6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I have used and learnt a great deal through making my film this year. I have created my own blog, which I never would have thought about using unless I did this project. With learning how to use the blog I have managed to upload different blog posts on to my blog site where my work is easily looked at and read. I have learnt how to post a video from YouTube onto my blog by uploading the URL from the video and then being able to watch it on my blog as you would on YouTube. I have also learned how to upload a Scribd document onto my blog. This involves creating a scribd account, scanning in work onto my Scribd account and then embedding the document onto a blog post.
I have been able to upload small videos that I have edited together on iMovie then creating a vimeo account and posting the video onto the site, then uploading it to my blog. The video can they watched in same way as a YouTube video can. 
I have made my very first podcasts, by recording myself on a microphone talking about my project. Then uploading the file onto the computer and then uploading the file onto my blog via DivShare. DivShare is a document sharing programme which allows you to upload a document and then by copying the URL can upload the information to my blog.
By using the programme GarageBand I have managed to create my own new and unique soundtrack. I have composed small pieces of music that were already samples on GarageBand and have composed all of the beats together to create the final soundtrack for my featured film.
I have created my own YouTube channel entitled Hattie’s media channel. By using this I have been able to upload some of my projects onto YouTube, so the general public can watch my videos and give me feedback on them.
I have used the editing system iMovie to edit my film and other projects on, such as my microdrama.
By using a Mac computer I have been able to create a vlogcast by using the quality webcam built into the computer. I have done this so the examiner can see me talking and expressing my own opinions about my project and how I have been inspired by directors from films, and other factors that have impacted on the ideas of my film. 
I have created my own company idents by using the programme LiveType at the opening of my film opening. The idents make my film appear more professional and realistic, and really improve the quality of my overall project.
I first used iMovie when editing my Microdrama ‘The Chase’ together for the very first time. I found that editing the short film together quite challenging as first, as it was quite difficult to edit certain shots together, and edit in certain aspects such as the black and white effect. It also took time to create the subtitles and extract the audio of the film in the short amount of time we had to complete the project in.
Looking back and comparing my first microdrama project with my finished project I can see how much that I have improved. The quality of my editing has progressed very well and has become more impressive the more I have used iMovie. The microdrama project was a good way of allowing us as first time film makers to get used to the equipment for filming and using the editing software’s etc. So that when we came to filming for our final projects, we were reasonably comfortable with all the processes.
When first using the camera equipment I had a few shaky scenes where the quality could be improved on. This was probably due to the fact that I felt short for time and felt rushed and not being able to re-shoot certain scenes. Whereas for my final media product I was able to re-shoot scenes that I was not happy with. 
Comparing my final product with my microdrama it is clear that my film opening looks a lot more professional and polished, with better quality editing, and camera shots. For my final project I was also able to think more about the Mise-en-scene, props, locations, and sound a lot more. As for my microdrama I had to do everything in a short space of 45 minuites.

This is a clip from my opening film which shows a shot before and after editing

Untitled from HarrietHarding on Vimeo.

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