Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Indie film

The Indie Film

Also known as independent film, the indie film is a independent feature film that is produced mostly outside of the major film studios. They are often subsidiaries of major studios and are sometimes distinguishable by their context and style and the way the filmmakers personal vision is realized. Indie films are made with considerably low budgets than major studios films.
Well known indie films include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which grossed around $140,000, The Blair Witch Project which had a budget of a mere $35,000, and Monty Pythons Life Of Brian which grossed a large £4 million.
My film Classmates falls under this genre of film as it was produced on a very low budget and has a unique storyline targeting different audiences, mainly aimed at the teen Romcom audience but also the niche and gay audience.
The 1990s saw the rise and success of independent films not only through film festivals but at the box office as well as established actors such as Bruce Willis and John Travolta who found success in independent films and Hollywood studio films. The success of Teenage mutant ninja turtles 1990, grossed over $100 million making it the most successful indie film in box office history.


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