Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Niche Film

The Niche Film

The niche audience is a small, select group of people that have unique interests.
It is a fraction of a total market or audience. It differs from the mass market audience of film such as comedy.
Currently Hollywood is appealing to a very specific audience such as the geek, comic book crowd, this is a niche market. In recent year’s comic book and graphic novels adaptations have been bought by production companies in bulks. Films such as Kick-Ass, The Losers and Scoot Pilgram Vs the World were adaptations from graphic novels with small but dedicated fan bases. The three films were considered underperformers at the box office but still gained reasonable amounts of profits, with The losers grossing $23 million in the US, Kick-Ass grossing $28 million in the US, and Scott Pilgram Vs the World grossing $30 million in the US.
Since the release of the film The Blair Witch Project 1991, other film studios have strived, and failed to replicate the groundbreaking internet campaign that made the film a marketing phenomenon. The new ad campaigns on the internet suggest that studios are becoming more determined to identify and reach niche audiences online.
My film Classmates has an audience of a niche market as it targets specific people who would be interested in two homosexual main characters. This could be a gay audience.
The niche market

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